演员: 马特·勒布朗,LizaSnyder

简介:主人公Adam是个承包商(Matt LeBlanc)当他的妻子Andi(Liza Snyder)决定重新做一个职业女性(医学实验室技术员)时,他不得不学会在家带孩子。对他来说,带孩子是一项远远超出想象的艰巨任务,因为……过去他认为是小天使的这几个孩子事实上全都是小疯子!




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  • 忌日快乐(普通话) 正片
  • 平静的湖3 正片
  • 香港第一凶宅(粤语) 正片
  • 霹雳大喇叭 粤语 正片
  • 幽灵T恤(微电影) 正片
  • 路人甲(微电影) 正片
  • 咒怨(美版) 正片
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    欧美剧 榜单

    • 1 荆棘

      荆棘 5.0 荆棘 年代:2020 地区:美国 导演:安娜·莉莉·阿米普尔 主演:罗莎里奥·道森,阿德里安·贝拉尼,金·迪肯斯,艾伦·卡明,阿莱格拉·爱德华兹,爱德华·阿斯纳,杰·R.弗格森,艾迪·盖瑟吉,布莱恩·格拉格提,斯蒂芬妮·希尔,丹尼·莫拉,卢斯·雷恩斯,J·内森·西蒙斯,戴维·萨迪瓦尔,理查德·比尔,Kimberly,Bigsby,Melissa,Chambers,Landall,Goolsby,Nicole,Webster 简介: 由Andy Greenwald执笔的诗选剧项目《荆棘 Briarpatch》被USA正式预订,该剧根据Ross Thomas同名小说改编,讲述一个坚韧﹑有才的调查员Allegra “Pick” Dill(Rosario Dawson饰),她在华盛顿特区为一名年轻的参议员工作 但她那年轻十岁的妹妹因汽车炸弹案而被杀,故此女主回到德州边境小镇的家乡;而在调查凶手的过程,她发现案件牵涉到家乡小镇的腐败。

    • 2 肇事逃逸

      肇事逃逸 1.0 肇事逃逸 年代:2021 地区:美国 导演: 主演:利奥·拉兹,格雷格·亨利,艾格尔·纳尔,大卫·安东尼·布廖内,大卫·尚布里斯,迈克尔·阿伦诺夫,Siena,Kelly,Joe,Giorgio,Alex,Gemeinhardt,Jason,DeStefano,Michelle,Federer,杰伊·赫农,Yosef,Kasnetzkov,Julienne,Hanzelka,Kim,Alex,Morf,Jonathan,M.,Parisen,Yaara,Pelzig,史蒂文·安德森,布雷特·阿扎尔,菲利普·卡斯诺夫,Vinny,DeGennaro,Kelv 简介:

      惊悚悬疑影集《意外真相》讲述一名男子在爱妻惨遭杀害之后,踏上黑暗的旅程,不计一切代价,要查出她横死的真相。《意外真相》将在今年夏天强袭 Netflix

    • 3 世纪大劫案

      世纪大劫案 2.0 世纪大劫案 年代:2020 地区: 导演:艾列尔·维诺格拉德 主演:古勒莫·法兰塞拉,迭戈·佩雷蒂,Luis,Luque,巴勃罗·拉戈,拉斐尔·菲洛 简介: In 2006, a group of thieves performed what is considered one of the most famous and smart bank heists in the history of Argentina when they rob the Banco Río branch in Acassuso.

    • 4 生活觉醒 Woke

      生活觉醒 Woke 4.0 生活觉醒 Woke 年代:2020 地区:美国 导演: 主演:拉蒙尼·莫里斯 简介:

      Hulu宣布预订一部真人+动画的喜剧《生活觉醒 Woke》,这部剧灵感来自卡通画家Keith Knight的作品及生活,由他与Marshall Todd负责剧本。《生活觉醒》讲述卡通画家Keef(Lamorne Morris饰演)在旧金山生活,当因为一次牵涉到警察的意外使他成为事件的风浪尖后,这使得他「觉醒」过来

    • 5 办公室 第三季

      办公室   第三季 10.0 办公室 第三季 年代:2006 地区:美国 导演:Ken,Kwapis 主演:史蒂夫·卡瑞尔,约翰·卡拉辛斯基,雷恩·威尔森,珍娜·费舍 简介:

      Season 3, Episode 1: Gay Witch HuntOriginal Air Date—21 September 2006Michael apologizes to Oscar, after he finds out he's gay, for calling him a homosexual slur--but his apology outs Oscar to the entire office. And Jim decides to take a promotion at the Stamford office.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Season 3, Episode 2: The ConventionOriginal Air Date—28 September 2006Micheal and Dwight go to a convention in Philadelphia and run into Jim, and Michael becomes jealous of Jim's relationship with his new boss. Meanwhile, Pam gets ready for her first date since her engagement.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Season 3, Episode 3: The CoupOriginal Air Date—5 October 2006Michael is in trouble once again as Jan busts him for declaring it's "Movie Monday" where everyone watches a movie and neglects work. Angela pushes Dwight to make a move on Michael's job while Pam and Jim find creative ways to waste time.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Season 3, Episode 4: Grief CounselingOriginal Air Date—12 October 2006Michael takes on the role of office grief counselor when he learns that his old boss has died.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Season 3, Episode 5: InitiationOriginal Air Date—19 October 2006Dwight takes former temp Ryan to his beet farm to initiate Ryan to his new job at Dunder Mifflin.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Season 3, Episode 6: DiwaliOriginal Air Date—2 November 2006Michael encourages the entire Scranton branch to support Kelly and attend a local celebration of Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights. Meanwhile, Andy convinces Jim to turn a late night of work into a drinking game.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Season 3, Episode 7: Branch ClosingOriginal Air Date—9 November 2006When Jan tells Michael that the Scranton Branch will be shutting down, Michael strives to keep his staff's spirits up. Meanwhile, everyone privately begins to envision how their lives will change in the aftermath.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Season 3, Episode 8: The MergerOriginal Air Date—16 November 2006Jan informs Michael that the Scanton branch of Dunder Mifflin will be merging with the Stamford Branch. Jim and Pam are reunited while the other employees of both branches must adjust to their new co-workers.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Season 3, Episode 9: The ConvictOriginal Air Date—30 November 2006Michael learns that one of the new employees at Dunder Mifflin Scranton has a criminal record. Meanwhile, Jim helps Andy make a move on Pam.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Season 3, Episode 10: A Benihana ChristmasOriginal Air Date—14 December 2006Trouble among the members of the party planning committee results with the office having two competing Christmas parties, but Michael isn't interested in celebrating because he has just broken up with his girlfriend.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Season 3, Episode 11: Back from VacationOriginal Air Date—4 January 2007Michael isn't supposed to let anyone know that he and Jan went on vacation together in Jamaica, but he accidentally circulates a compromising photo of them to the office via e-mail.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Season 3, Episode 12: Traveling SalesmenOriginal Air Date—11 January 2007Dwight does a favor for Angela to keep her from getting in trouble. Andy finds out and uses it against him to get in tighter with Michael. Now Dwight must fess up, which will reveal his relationship with Angela, or risk getting fired.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Season 3, Episode 13: The ReturnOriginal Air Date—18 January 2007Andy does the impossible--he makes everyone in the office miss Dwight, who is forced to take a job at Staples. Meanwhile, Oscar comes back to the office and Michael predictably throws a stereotypical Mexican party to celebrate.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Season 3, Episode 14: Ben FranklinOriginal Air Date—1 February 2007Michael asks Jim to get a male stripper for Phyllis's office bachelorette party, but he gets a Ben Franklin impersonator instead. Meanwhile, the men's bachelor party goes as planned until Michael becomes uncomfortable with the stripper.Next US airings:Tue. Feb. 17 10:00 PM TBS--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Season 3, Episode 15: Phyllis' WeddingOriginal Air Date—8 February 2007Michael exaggerates the importance of his small role in Phyllis's wedding and makes an ass out of himself, and Pam notices that Phyllis stole all of her wedding ideas from her original wedding plans.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Season 3, Episode 16: Business SchoolOriginal Air Date—15 February 2007Michael is a guest speaker for Ryan's business class, but they have a falling-out after Michael finds out that Ryan spoke negatively about Dunder-Mifflin. And back at the office, Dwight tries to kill a bat that he found in the ceiling.Next US airings:Tue. Feb. 17 10:30 PM TBS--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Season 3, Episode 17: CocktailsOriginal Air Date—22 February 2007While Michael and Jan go to their first Dunder-Mifflin outing as an official couple, the office workers left behind go out for happy hour. During happy hour, Roy finds out that Jim and Pam kissed at Casino Night.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Season 3, Episode 18: The NegotiationOriginal Air Date—5 April 2007Dwight saves Jim from an attack by Roy, but Dwight won't allow Jim to thank him for it. Meanwhile, Darryl asks Michael for a pay raise, and Michael discovers that he is woefully underpaid--so Michael goes to headquarters to ask for one himself.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Season 3, Episode 19: Safety TrainingOriginal Air Date—12 April 2007Andy returns to the office after weeks of anger management training, determined to make a fresh start with all the Dunder-Mifflin employees. Meanwhile, it's safety training day in the office, and Michael and Dwight are on a mission to illuminate the dangers of the workplace.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Season 3, Episode 20: Product RecallOriginal Air Date—26 April 2007Michael tries to be proactive during a watermark crisis, but only makes the situation worse. Meanwhile, Angela has trouble being apologetic with customers, and Andy discovers a secret about his new girlfriend.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Season 3, Episode 21: Women's AppreciationOriginal Air Date—3 May 2007Phyllis gets flashed in the parking lot, and Dwight goes all out to secure the premises. Michael ostensibly takes the women in the office to the mall to comfort them, but he's really doing it to get advice about breaking up with Jan.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Season 3, Episode 22: Beach GamesOriginal Air Date—5 May 2007Michael uses "beach day" at Dunder-Mifflin to find out which employee would be his most capable replacement, just in case he receives the promotion to the New York office that he's applied for.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Season 3, Episode 23: The JobOriginal Air Date—17 May 2007Michael appoints Dwight as regional manager, anticipating that he will receive the job at corporate. Jim and Karen also interview for the same position. And Michael gets back together with Jan after she gets a boob job

    • 6 两周后就死 Two Weeks to Live

      两周后就死 Two Weeks to Live 4.0 两周后就死 Two Weeks to Live 年代:2020 地区:英国 导演:阿尔·坎贝尔 主演:麦茜·威廉姆斯,茜安·克利福德,塔欣·莫达克,马万·里兹旺,杰森·弗莱明,凯莉·霍华德 简介:

      麦茜·威廉姆斯在《权力的游戏》后首部主演剧集确定:她将出演天空台喜剧《两周后就死》(Two Weeks To Live,暂译)。该剧讲述不合群女孩Kim Noakes(威廉姆斯饰演)的父亲在她儿时不明不白死去,母亲把她送到了乡下。Kim过着隐居生活,并习得了一些极怪异的生存技巧。                                    
                                     加比·霍尔(《作弊》)编剧,其他演员尚未公布。该剧将于今年开拍,明年在Sky One和NOW TV播出,共6集。

    • 7 长路漫漫 Long Way Up

      长路漫漫 Long Way Up 4.0 长路漫漫 Long Way Up 年代:2020 地区:英国 导演:David,Russ 主演:伊万·麦克格雷格,查理·布尔曼 简介:

      这是2004年《Long Way Round》和2007年《Long Way Down》的后续,这次麦克格雷格跟朋友Charley Boorman骑着哈雷·戴维森电动摩托,穿越中南美洲的13000英里,从美丽的乌斯怀亚启程,经过13个国家

    • 8 104号房间 第四季

      104号房间 第四季 7.0 104号房间 第四季 年代:2020 地区:美国 导演:马克·杜普拉斯 主演:马克·杜普拉斯,丝凯拉·格雷,丽贝卡·哈泽伍德,Christopher,Farrar 简介:


    • 9 战士第二季

      战士第二季 4.0 战士第二季 年代:2020 地区:美国 导演:大卫·彼特拉克 主演:安德鲁·浩二,郑启蕙,黛安妮·尹,肯尼思·霍,杜俊纬,Graeme,Bunce,Yerden,Telemisov 简介: 安德鲁·浩二回归主演,故事设定在19世纪后期的旧金山唐人街,聚焦安·山姆(安德鲁·浩二饰演),一个武术天才从中国移民到旧金山,并逐渐成为唐人街各大帮派里最强大的杀手

    • 10 暗影游戏第一季

      暗影游戏第一季 5.0 暗影游戏第一季 年代:2020 地区:其它 导演:曼斯·马林德 主演:迈克尔·C·豪尔,泰勒·克奇,玛拉·昂德,尼娜·霍斯,塞巴斯蒂安·科赫,罗根·马歇尔-格林,塔彭丝·米德尔顿,安妮·拉特-波利 简介: Max McLaughlin is an American cop who arrives in Berlin in the summer of 1946 to help create a police force in the chaotic aftermath of the war.

    • 11 莎拉共和国

      莎拉共和国 8.0 莎拉共和国 年代:2021 地区:美国 导演:凯特·坎德勒 主演:莎拉·德鲁,丹尼尔·英格斯,约翰·芬,詹姆斯·勒斯库,克丽斯汀·尼尔森,乔纳森·斯莱文 简介:

      《莎拉共和国 Republic Of Sarah》讲述一家贪婪的矿业公司正在摧毁小镇,于是叛逆的高校老师Sarah(Stella Baker饰)决定利用制度漏洞并宣布独立,而成功后她得带领一群年轻人从零开始建立新国家

    • 12 非典型少年第四季

      非典型少年第四季 7.0 非典型少年第四季 年代:2021 地区:美国 导演: 主演:凯尔·吉克瑞斯特,詹妮弗·杰森·李,布里盖特·伦迪·佩恩,迈克尔·拉帕波特,蕾切尔·雷德利夫,Tess,Aubert 简介:


    • 13 生活新方向

      生活新方向 2.0 生活新方向 年代:2022 地区:美国 导演:特斯塔姆·莎佩罗 主演:伊丽莎·库伯,金妮弗·古德温,李美琪,汤米·杜威,马塞罗·莱耶斯,JT,Neal,Audrey,Gerthoffer,Birdie,Borria 简介:


    • 14 鬼屋欢乐送第一季

      鬼屋欢乐送第一季 5.0 鬼屋欢乐送第一季 年代:2021 地区:英国 导演: 主演:罗丝·麦克莱弗,乌特卡什·安邦德卡尔,多梅尼克·迪罗萨,崔斯坦·D·拉勒,布兰登·斯科特·琼斯,德文·隆恩,梅根·利特勒,瑞贝卡·薇索基,Asher,Grodman,Román,Zaragoza,David,Chan,Sheila,Carrasco,Richie,Moriarty,Hudson,Thames,Danielle,Pinnock 简介:

      CBS宣布开发英剧《鬼屋欢乐送 Ghosts》的美版,Lionsgate及BBC Studios合作制片﹑由Joe Port及Joe Wiseman负责。《鬼屋欢乐送》讲述一对年轻夫妇搬到梦想的乡间别墅后,发现这儿原来有着一群不同时期的鬼魂,而他们都想把主角二人赶出去

    • 15 芝加哥烈焰第十季

      芝加哥烈焰第十季 9.0 芝加哥烈焰第十季 年代:2021 地区:美国 导演: 主演:杰西·斯宾塞,泰勒·金尼,大卫·艾根伯格,伊默恩·沃克,克里斯蒂安·斯托特,乔·米诺索,卡拉·吉尔默,米兰达·雷·梅奥,阿尔伯托·罗森德 简介:

      NBC宣布一口气续订《#芝加哥烈焰# Chicago Fire》三季

    • 16 我们这一天第六季

      我们这一天第六季 1.0 我们这一天第六季 年代:2022 地区:美国 导演: 主演:米洛·文堤米利亚,曼迪·摩尔,斯特林·K·布朗,克丽丝·梅斯,贾斯汀·哈特雷,苏珊·卡莉奇·沃森,克里斯·沙利文,乔·胡尔特拉斯,凯特琳·汤普森,厄里斯·贝克,帕克·贝茨,安萨特·布莱克,朗尼·查维斯,Ca'Ron,Jaden,Coleman,奈尔斯·菲奇,克里斯·吉尔,麦肯齐·汉奇恰克,费丝·赫尔曼,利丽克·罗斯,洛根·施罗耶,汉娜·蔡勒 简介:


    • 17 银翼杀手:黑莲花

      银翼杀手:黑莲花 6.0 银翼杀手:黑莲花 年代:2021 地区:美国 导演:荒牧伸志,神山健治 主演:杰西卡·亨维克,巴克德·阿巴蒂,韦斯·本特利,布莱恩·考克斯,亨利·科泽尼,乔什·杜哈明,Shinshû,Fuji,土师孝也,格雷格·亨利,本田贵子,Takayuki,Kinba,子安武人,楠大典,李威尹,佩顿·李斯特,野岛昭生,斯蒂芬·鲁特,榊原良子,志田有彩,杰森·斯皮萨克,津嘉山正种,萨米拉·威利,矢尾一树,大塚芳忠 简介:

      《银翼杀手》出动画了!Adult Swim(《瑞克和莫蒂》)宣布将推出《银翼杀手——黑莲花》(Blade Runner — Black Lotus),一部总长13个小时的日本动画风剧集,阵容豪华:Sola Digital Arts(《奥特曼》)制作,荒牧伸志和神山健治这对《攻壳机动队》搭档执导第一季全部集数,渡边信一郎(《星际牛仔》)任创意制作人。 剧情尚保密,但故事将发生在2032年,仍然是那个复制人存在的颓废的未来世界,会有《银翼杀手》宇宙中大家熟悉的角色出现。该剧主要灵感来源是系列第二部电影《银翼杀手2049》

    • 18 游戏规则

      游戏规则 9.0 游戏规则 年代:2022 地区:英国 导演: 主演:玛克辛·皮克,拉卡·塔克雷尔,艾莉森·斯戴曼,佐伊·塔珀,苏珊·沃卡曼,克瑞恩·比尤,本·巴特,汤姆·福布斯,凯莉·库克,Amy,Leeson,Dominic,Vulliamy 简介:

      4集剧《游戏规则 Rules of the Game》由Ruth Fowler执笔,Maxine Peake已加盟剧组。当人力资源总监Maya来到「Fly」时,她试图改变公司的小圈子文化及调查不当行为,不过经理Sam(Maxine Peake饰)对女性的偏见使得Maya受到阻挠。但当某天Sam回到办公室并发现接待处有一具尸体后,Maya这下不止要处理现况,还得找出谋杀背后所隐瞒的秘密

    • 19 亢奋第二季

      亢奋第二季 9.0 亢奋第二季 年代:2022 地区:美国 导演:萨姆·莱文森 主演:赞达亚,亨特·莎弗,信达·亚当斯,卡梅隆·亚历山大,茉德·阿帕图,亚历克萨·德米,雅各布·艾洛蒂,达格·费尔格,芭比·费雷拉,多米尼克·菲克,敏卡·凯利,西德妮·斯威尼,Laphea,Coleman,Demetrius,'Lil,Meech',Flenory,Sophia,Rose,Wilson 简介:


    • 20 布道家庭第二季

      布道家庭第二季 1.0 布道家庭第二季 年代:2022 地区:美国 导演: 主演:丹尼·麦克布莱德,沃尔顿·戈金斯,约翰·古德曼,埃里克·罗伯茨,詹森·舒瓦兹曼,亚当·德维尼,埃里克·安德烈,Mary,Hollis,Inboden,罗达·格里菲丝,Miles,Burris,艾希礼·勒孔特·坎贝尔,克洛伊·特埃考丝,Hank,Strong,托德·艾伦·德金,Gavin,Munn,阿·米切尔,Paul,Vincent,Freeman,Drew,Broderick 简介:

      《布道家庭》聚焦以电视福音布道闻名于世的珎石家族,讲述他们叛逆贪婪却又不忘慈善事工的奇葩事迹。故事主角杰西·珎石自视为福音行当中特立独行之弟兄,以父亲伊莱·珎石的事工为基础,积极拓展更为摩登的当代受众群体。 by:meijubar.ne